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GTA San Andreas - 2 player guide

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

If you encounter any problems while trying to activate this mod please leave a message in the forums

I don't think this mod works on later releases or patched versions of this game

Step 1: First of all you will need to download the following. (download and extract)

SAAC2 (download and extract)

My 360 controller Presets (optional, for xbox controller users. Just paste this over the file that's already there)

I know the top link also contains the SAAC but it's not the correct version.

Step 2: (This mod took me quite a while to install first time round, I recommend installing GTA SA into the default location C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\GTA San Andreas, the reason I say this is because I originally installed GTA into C:\Games but the mod didn't work)
Now you need to install the mod into your main GTA folder.

Step 3: Now run the SAAC2, you will need to configure your gamepad and save it as a preset. If both of you are using the same type of gamepad you only need to save one preset. If however someone is going to use the keyboard you need to save both.

Step 4: Now that all of your presets are saved run two versions of the SAAC2, select a device for each one and a preset. In one of the two windows select the '2nd player' checkbox at the bottom.

Step 5: Now run the game, any current savegames for GTA won't work with this mod, they will just crash the game. So just start a new game, when you begin I believe you need to do a mission, so just do it then save at the house. Now you will notice that there are strange icons all over the map, these are where all the two player spots are. You need to drive up to one of these and press any button on player 2's device.
If at this point both of your controllers are not working correctly or at all. Then you need to press the numpad * key to activate them.

Step 6: Now you should both be able to play. I hope this guide has helped, please post any questions or comments in the forum.

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